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Welcome! to Glx Local

GLX Local is a Registered Trademark of Glx Online Services Pvt. ltd. ,

A company incorporated and registered in India, GLX Local (r) is the fastest growing online marketplace to buy, sell and Exchange Used things locally. Here you’ll find a wide selection of like new products, from vintage bikes, antique furniture, used books,cars,pets and retro games, to electronics, pre-owned cars, property sell and rent a house.


The free online marketplace app from GLX Local assures you of a great shopping experience with a lighter app where you can Buy and Sell, faster load time & wide selection across categories. You can browse and search for your desired products by product name, category or brands. You are guaranteed 24x7 customer service support!

• List something in seconds, as effortlessly as taking a photo. • Make money selling your like new items. It’s safe and easy. is the data controller for the information you provide or is collected through this Platform.

What data do we collect about you? 1. When you register to use our Services we may collect the following information about you: If you register using your mobile number we collect your mobile number If you register using your Google account: first name, last name and email address If you register using your Facebook account: we collect first name and last name as appeared on your Facebook account and Facebook IDs.

In the event you have provided permission to Facebook through their in-app privacy option (which appears just before you register on our Platform), we may collect your gender, age or email id depending on the permissions granted by you.

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Why We Are Best

We always verify user and user location and our smart AI systems detects fake or cheaper items and alerts user and removes .

  • Users too can report any ads pretending to be Suspicuius.

  • Customer data is 100% safe and secure with us

  • Our team is ready to give assistance bu mail,call and even whatsapp too

  • Assistance & Customer Grevience is always our first preference

  • We verify every user before posting ads via email or otp to mobile

  • our payment gate way partner "Razorpay"

  • Company Details

    Legal Name : Glx Online Services GSTIN : 6AAVFG4368C1Z3 Trade : Online Advertising Services Authority: Govt. of India Trade Mark : Glx Local Customer Enquiry: +91 7901 444 888

    Established in August 2020.

    Mail us at For Information : Level 2 Officer :